Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to the Fall

I am at a loss for words. Summer came and went before I knew what happened. Work and my life-in-general have been ridiculously busy as Summer turned to Fall . I haven’t had a chance to write anything in many weeks. Amazingly, I have few minutes to spare at work. Between the last write up and today a lot has happened. I’ll try to present you with a clear, abridged play-play I finally won the battle with the Flush Master. I’d like to say I kicked its ass, but the sucker did put up a good fight to the bitter end. There were a few leaks and some other nonsense. When the dust settled, I was the victor. I can’t tell you the gratification that occurred upon that first flush.

Ironically enough, a few weeks later 2/4 flusher handles have broken, so those need to be replaced. That’s an easy job.

The next big event to go down: I gave Jen an engagement ring for her birthday. She asked for an iPod and she got a diamond. The odd part was, my heart was racing a-mile-a-minute when I “reproposed” to her. I knew that she was going to marry me, but I wanted to get down on my knee for her again. A lot has occurred in the past year that has prevented us from really enjoying our engagement, so, I wanted to start fresh. Well, apparently, she had hoped for a birthday ring all along. She said that if I got her an iPod, she would’ve enjoyed it, but would’ve thought me a complete and utter fool. I really don’t need to go give her any other reasons to think that. In the end, she is marrying this fool. Wahoo!

The Pharmacy Prophets have been hard at work on the new EP which is being released at Iota in Arlington on October 22nd. We’re down to the wire and the stress is kicking in. We had a really productive night this past week, we’ll definitely have it ready. The good night of recording worked to ease some tensions. It’s still stressful, but its dropped a couple notches. The tunes for DC101’s in studio will be ready, too. Things sound pretty damn spectacular. Ben has really outdone himself this time, as has everyone else with their performances.

El Habito Male is coming back strong now that Zach has adjusted to baby-dom and has gotten his practice space all set up. We played a show at DC9 last night and had a joyous time. We’re getting ready to record some of our new material with the end goal of either an EP or an album for release by the end of the year. There are a few more shows scheduled for the remainder of the year. I’ve also got my feelers out in Philadelphia, NYC, and some other locations for both band and potential solo shows.

My sister is presently reading/editing the novel. In the interim, I’ve taken pages of notes for the next book in the series, but have not starting writing that yet. I need to tag about four more hours onto my day. There’s just not enough time. I’m contemplating using the mornings before work to write. Two hours a day would be nice. I figure 6:00 to 8:00 am or something to that effect. I’ve been exercising in the afternoons, thus making the mornings free It’s really just a matter of can I get up at that hour? Hard-to-say, because I certainly have been hit that snooze button lately. I’ve been reading a lot, so even though I haven’t written, the writing part of my brain is still being stimulated.

I’ve had no time for stargazing. It’s a bummer that I didn’t get to enjoy some of the sparkly wonders that the Summer constellations have to offer. The Fall is a great time for astronomy, however. Hopefully I can get over to CHR when the leaves are changing, I bet it'll be really beautiful. We'll see if I can squeeze some of that in, too. I definitely enjoy it and it's exteremly cathartic to view objects so ancient and distant. It lends a sense of perspective.

My parents are coming to see our lovely home for the first time this weekend. So, between recording, Habit shows, work, recovering from a cold, and all the other general life nonsense, we’ve been trying to get the house immaculate. We’ve been sending the pets to the animal hospital for bathing and the such so that they smell more like flowers and less like dogs. (Mr. and Mrs. Rossi aren’t big animal people). Now, I’m hoping that this silly tropical storm doesn’t botch things for us. Only time and Jim Cantore will tell. Likely, what’ll happen: it’s going to rain all weekend. The dogs will no longer smell like flowers, but will smell like wet dogs. They’ll make the house all muddy, invalidating hours and hours of cleaning toil.

We’ll still have a great weekend. My parents will love our house, because it is kick ass and a major improvement from the pseudo-squalor that I used to call home in Arlington. It’s important to note that, for all the time I lived in Arlington, my parents never once were allowed to enter my apartment. One question remains: Is Momma Rossi ready for the Doobie?


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